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BSD Substance XL v2 Cranks (Flat Black)

BSD Substance XL v2 Cranks (Flat Black)

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A new updated version of the Substance XL crank with a new invest cast boss design that sits fully flush with the crank arm completely eliminating sharp edges around the ankles.

BSD Mid 24mm bottom bracket included.


  • 2.5pc crank.
  • Simple single bolt design.
  • Heat treated 4130 XL 24mm CNC machined hollow spindle
  • RHD/LHD drive compatible
  • Flush Boss Design: We've designed the Substance XL V2 crank arm with an invest cast boss that sits super flush eliminating sharp edges that can whack your ankles.
  • Oversized Hollow Spindle: The 24mm diameter spindle is stiffer and stronger but being hollow, does not add any extra weight to the cranks compared to 22mm versions.
  • Rectangular Arms: The Substance XL V2 crank features heat treated 4130 chromoly arms with a rectangular cross section for increased stiffness and grindability.
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