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BSD Grime Fat Seat (Black)

BSD Grime Fat Seat (Black)

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'MORE SPEED LESS DOUBT!' Is the motto Denim Cox lives by, whether he's hitting a huge gap, trying a loop on a Barbie bike or doing handrails on motorcycles, you know this is true!! The Grime seat is his new signature Fat seat, emblazoned with his motto.

Sit Tight.
More speed, less doubt.
Don't smash your teeth.

Kevlar Bumpers

Super tough tear resistant Kevlar bumpers on the high impact areas to prolong seat life. You know this is the stuff bullet proof vests are made of, right!!

Pivotal System

When it comes to BMX seats then Pivotal is the only system worth using, lightweight and effective!! One bolt and no rails, this is seating simplicity at it's best.

Skulls & Grime

Denim Cox Skull print top panel including some smashed out teeth and a neat Grime patch. Got to keep your bike looking good, ya get me??

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