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Odyssey OG PC Pedals (Black)

Odyssey OG PC Pedals (Black)

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Now featuring threadless tip pins!

A huge leap forward in pedal technology that results in a simpler overall design. Extremely light weight plastic bodies eliminate the need for bearings and allow for a spindle that is significantly stronger than normal.

Metal pins make the pedal very grippy, and the pedal will still function normally when pins are removed from one side for grind tricks. No flimsy outboard end caps. Pedal body halves are easy and inexpensive to replace - instead of replacing the whole pedal.


  • Lifetime warranty on spindle against bending or breaking
  • Metal treadless tip pins
  • Replaceable plastic pedal body halves
  • Heat-treated 4140 chromoly spindle
  • Proprietary high-strength plastic composite body


Width: 100mm
Length: 94mm
Spindle: 9/16" Heat-treated 4140 chromoly
Protected by US Patent 8,061,236

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